Book Clubs

Central/Downtown Region

Book Clubs Branch Language Target

Chinese Senior's Reading Club

Come join a group of active senior citizens in this monthly book discussion activity! As the sessions are facilitated and conducted in Chinese, you also get to improve your Chinese conversational skills as you share your experiences in life along with the book discussions.

BIPL Chinese Adults/Seniors

Chinese Storytelling Club

If you are interested in picking up storytelling techniques and sharing stories, join us at our Chinese Storytelling Club.

CNPL Chinese Adults/Seniors

Book Lover's Club

The Book Lovers' Club is a book club for singles. Focusing on relationships and inspirational stories, the book discussions are held on a monthly basis.

CTPL English Adults

Singapore Literature Book Club

From NLB's Singapore collection comes a book club with a unique local flavour. Discuss books by both well-known and emerging Singapore authors touching on topics close to home. Get acquainted with local literature and discover national literary treasures right here at the libraries.

CTPL English Adults

FOL Book Club

This monthly book club was set up by a group of long-time friends who first got to know each other as library volunteers, or Friends of the Library (FOLs). They have been discussing Read! Singapore short stories since 2010. Members take turns to facilitate.

CTPL English Adults/Seniors

Yi Du Book Club

Yidu Reading club is a platform for book-loving young adults to meet. We hope that through discussing books we can broaden our minds and better connect with each other. Find out more at

SRPL Chinese Young Adults

3G Book Club

This book club discusses both local and overseas Chinese works, often organising book launches and educational seminars.

To find out more about their sessions visit:

CTPL Chinese Adults/Seniors

Writing the City Writer's Group

Writing the City Writers' Group is a community of writers committed to the craft of writing. Our monthly workshops offer participants writing exercises, guest lectures, and exposure to literature from both established and emerging writers. In creating a group where writers are encouraged to give and receive feedback on their work, the Writers' Group aims to give writers the tools to take their writing forward.

TPPL English Adults


Thangameen Readers Club is a reading club formed to encourage the confident use of Tamil across the generations. With short film screenings, short story writing competitions and impromptu poetry contests, the club is a total literary package.

TPPL Tamil Adults/Seniors

The Big Read Meet

This monthly book club is facilitated by Straits Times journalist, Cheong Suk-Wai, as an extension of her column “The Big Read” which features books written by leading thinkers and opinion makers of our time. Join in the lively discussion of views and ideas put forth by the books from her column.

CTPL English Adults/Seniors

Eastern Region

Book Clubs Branch Language Target

The Golden Circle

The rustle of a well-thumbed page, the whiff of age from a much-cherished tome—come and appreciate the beauty of a good book with The Golden Circle, an English book club for seniors. Discussions will be centred around fiction books, so join us for a stimulating afternoon of lively discussions. Admission is free and no registration is required.

GEPL English Adults/Seniors

AfterWords Book Club

AfterWords is a platform for the public and literary communities to build ties through books. By giving opportunities for everyone to read and discuss books in a conducive environment, we hope to encourage more people to pick up the reading habit, and expose readers to work and writings from the Singapore community. This initiative is supported by Ethos Book Club. Check Ethos' Facebook page for the latest speaker updates:

MPPL English Adults/Seniors

The Story Line

Come and join The Story Line, a place where storytellers can come together to share stories! Teachers, parents, librarians, volunteers and anyone interested in acquiring or honing their storytelling skills are welcome. The session will be facilitated by award-winning storyteller Roger Jenkins. More information is available at Roger Jenkins' website:

MPPL English Adults/Seniors

Northern Region

Book Clubs Branch Language Target

Taxi Shifu and Friends Reading Club

In 2005, the club started with 16 taxi drivers who met up regularly at the Ang Mo Kio Public Library. Over the years, participation in the club's sessions has been growing and people from all walks of life, from teens, working adults to the seniors, come together to share their love of reading. A variety of reading materials on a wide range of topics has been used during the book discussions, including Chinese classics, history and biography.

AMPL Chinese Adult/Seniors

Qing History Society

The Qing History Society or QHS Book Club started in April 2015 to deepen the understanding of the history of Qing dynasty through fiction and non-fiction books.

AMPL Chinese Adult/Seniors

Vasagar Vattam

Vaasagar Vattam is a Tamil Reading Club set up by a group of ardent Tamil writers and readers in 2002. Vaasagar Vattam aims to create awareness on the recent changes happening in the Tamil literary world. It also aims to promote critical thinking about serious literature and to have an intellectual outlook towards serious readership. Discussions are also centred on understanding latest trends and technology involving Tamil writing and connecting people worldwide. The Club's wish is to connect people with similar taste and have an enjoyable time together. Join us to learn more and make new friends!

AMPL Tamil Adult/Seniors

FUNdaMENTALS Reading Club

A reading club formed to encourage the confident use of English amongst adults in a comfortable environment. And what better way to polish your language, than through a poignant book? Come join us to hone your English proficiency, discuss and bond over a book. Make some friends along the way and always go back home feeling accomplished. Open to adults only.

WRL English Adult/Seniors

Chinese Share Read Book Club

This club is for adults who are passionate about Chinese stories and culture. The participants read and discuss short stories and novels.

WRL Chinese Adult/Seniors

The Next Chapter

Join The Next Chapter if you are 50 and above, read and speak English, and are keen to discuss books with themes that pique our common interests and address our common concerns. We cover a wide range of topics including relationships, retirement, financial issues, health and exercise, as well as hobbies, recreation and travelling.

AMPL English Seniors

Western Region

Book Clubs Branch Language Target

Heartlands Book Club

This book club discusses well-known literary classics and contemporary novels such as George Orwell's 1984, Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent and Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

BBPL English Adults/Seniors